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10 years in the market

A place wherein demand and offer meet.

Mr. Francesco Dragotto learnt to understand customers, listening to their wishes and needs. This experience made possible the establishment of Cean in 1980. The company put into practice the experience built at the out-door market while complementing it with the newest equipment, service and solutions, strengthening the company value. Precious service and solutions that are important to all retailers opening a store. In the years, this approach, highly estimated by the company clients, generated a positive trend of words of mouth which has become "an extraordinary
and accredited sales network" for Cean, thus giving the opportunity to the company to implement thousands of retail stores. This approach influenced the company organization to the point that it has become its most distinctive feature. The number of the consultancy services provided by Cean has progressively increased. Our clients' customers are happy, so are our clients and so is Cean. Since 1980 Cean has worked in order to allow its clients to expand and increase their turnover, by providing them with made-to-measure solutions to reach new ambitious targets.

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Cean Next: design solutions to draw the future of retail world

Cean Academy Market hosted the project for 27 students of Majorana high school in Moncalieri, nearby Turin. These students were involved in the project combining traditional school learning and experi...

News 16.06.2017
News 01.06.2017
Butchers’ Meeting

Research, innovation and passion so as to respond to market changes! Butcher’s shop evolves and so does the role of the butcher. On Monday, May 22nd 2017 Academy Market hosted a meeting of butchers af...

News 27.05.2017
Cean Lab restyling

May 2017: the renovation of Cean Lab is completed: we made it! After several months of research and works, taking into consideration the newest trends of retail sector, Cean Lab was enriched with many...

Focus 03.05.2017
Virtual reality

Since the trend is to involve consumers to the utmost level, well then it has to be a 360-degree involvement. FB, Microsoft, Google and many other brands use ‘gaming’ in order to present and sell thei...

Focus 24.02.2017
To distinguish and enhance: the power of a lighting system in the store

Modern engineering takes into great consideration the lighting system as it determines the perception of space and of the products displayed in the store. Furthermore, the performance of the retail st...