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A team
Many ideas
One common vision

A team
Many ideas
One common vision

36 years of activity, more than 15,000 retail stores opened, 6,000 square meters conceived by Cean team. We interpret the change so as to be close to our customers. To feel the challenge, to attempt to overcome it, to get away from the ordinary path and to set new rules. Day by day we train ourselves to move ahead towards new challenging goals. This is the playing ground we have conquered so far yet, the game is still going on.

We cherish change

An innovative retail store is the result of uninterrupted research, attention given to on-going evolutions and the capability to think differently

The value of research

To face Chinese culture enhances Cean growth. To succeed in capturing the attention and the trust of consumers belonging to a profound culture and to a fast-evolvingmarket represents one of our most significant goals

A team works in synergy aiming to ...

To listen


To dare

Curiosity pushes us to change

To share

Running ahead towards the future

To implement a vision

The team

"My background and training have been the people and places that make up my community since I worked for my family firm for ten years. A food and vegetable market stall became a teaching experience, a place where competition pushes you to be both a better salesperson and a better listener. The lessons I learned and the values I acquired over those years are invaluable, and they have shaped my working life ever since."

Francesco Dragotto

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Borello Supermercati

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