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Cean Academy Market

If you wish to have further information relating to our training courses offered by our CEAN Academy Market Training Centre Send Us Your Request.

General request

For any other requests, do not hesitate to contact us; we are always available to listen to our customers and anyone else who is interested in our activities.

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Does Cean supply equipment?


Yes, Cean supplies equipment and furnishings, complete with transportation and assembly, service and maintenance if required.

Does Cean take care of brand identity?


Yes, Cean works to develop a strong brand identity capable of revealing the essence of the business and determining the success of a brand.

Does Cean conceive and implement a website for a retail store?


Yes, Cean also deals with the creation of websites, apps and the main digital communication tools.

Does Cean renovate a retail store without imposing a stop on the daily activity of the retail store?


Yes, Cean is able to coordinate all the work phases so as not to suspend the activity and to complete restructuring shortly.

Can Cean also be contacted for an advice?


Yes, Cean also provides solely consulting services related to the needs of the individual customer.