Cean | Progettiamo e realizziamo punti vendita e supermercati

To distinguish and enhance: the power of a lighting system in the store


Modern engineering takes into great consideration the lighting system as it determines the perception of space and of the products displayed in the store. Furthermore, the performance of the retail store mostly depends on the time that is needed to shop-assistants to move from one area to the other. For this reason, it is fundamental to enhance orientation among the areas of the store as well as the way the products are displayed. Today, innovative technology allows to experience some efficient solutions aiming to the lower consumptions and prices and to control and manage the lighting systems and equipment. Lately, several kinds of different lighting systems have been experienced at Cean Lab. LED lights show a great potentiality as for energy consumption saving while giving a very special highlight to the displayed products thus increasing customers’ curiosity. Cean and Philips put together their mutual know-how so as to conceive in-progress laboratory experiences aiming to understand the way lights influence customers’ purchase at the store.

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