Cean | Progettiamo e realizziamo punti vendita e supermercati

Cean Next: design solutions to draw the future of retail world


Cean Academy Market hosted the project for 27 students of Majorana high school in Moncalieri, nearby Turin. These students were involved in the project combining traditional school learning and experiencing work. This project gave the onset to Cean Next, a multiple-discipline project involving them in the world of retail: the aim was to allow them to elaborate a new vision of the retail sector in the future. 30 hours, 5 working teams and 5 areas to be analyzed so as to gather the young generation’s impressions, wishes and needs. The outcome were a shared experience and a profitable exchange both for students as well as for Cean that is always keen to assimilate new motivations and ideas. The project combining traditional lessons and work is fundamental to high school students since it allows them to start getting to know a sector unknown to most of them. It gives them new methods and instruments as well as unexpected ideas for the future. The working hours are preparatory in order for them to understand better their inclination about future professional careers.
The project was managed by Gabriele Dragotto, which involved CEAN Color for several practical lessons with the students.

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