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Virtual reality


Since the trend is to involve consumers to the utmost level, well then it has to be a 360-degree involvement. FB, Microsoft, Google and many other brands use ‘gaming’ in order to present and sell their products and services. It is not only the customers’ eye-sight to be involved, their perception is also involved into an immersive experience in a virtual reality reproducing the real store. Immersive interaction: this is the foundation of virtual reality that can be subdivided into three different categories: VR immersion that requires the use of an headset so as to be fully involved into an event, a show or a museum installation. Mobile VR can be integrated with in-app functions and therefore it requires the use of a smartphone or of a tablet. On the contrary, VR web can be integrated by a simple embedding and it is appropriate to use it in order to create engagement on the website platforms without having to install the plug-in device. The priority target of virtual reality is the search for customers’ overall involvement. Today, to get to know about the functionality of a product is a lot of fun and to test the advantages of a service is simple. Interactive content and quality catch customers’ attention so as to convince them to participate actively. This is how marketing and virtual reality are intertwined: products and services are enhanced thus achieving their utmost optimization.

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