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Cean Lab restyling


May 2017: the renovation of Cean Lab is completed: we made it!
After several months of research and works, taking into consideration the newest trends of retail sector, Cean Lab was enriched with many new details. All areas were renovated thus responding more to clients’ requirements. The engineering area aims to allow Cean management and clients to share together impressions and thoughts while the project is carried on. The area of the cash-desks introduced digital and touch-in payment methods so as to meet customers’ need to save time. The retail sector progressively requires more flexible services, to be adapted to customers’ different life-styles. Therefore, the entire laboratory was equipped with micro personalization devices. For example, technologies were introduced for customers’ facial recognition allowing the combination between customers and their taste. Along with this trend Cean Lab was also equipped with an hyper show-rooming that is the conjunction of technology devices with the real store. Cean conceived an app that functions as the link to the store: for example, answering specific questions while looking for a special wine, activate a light on the shelf where this wine is stored so as to make its identification and position easier to be found. Fruits and vegetable area is entirely characterized by a made-to-measure concept: customers will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a fruit-shake made with products purchased at the store or to take away products prepared there, such as fruit-salads or some fruit-snacks. Starting from the value of story-telling for communicating, Cean conceived a 'story-selling' for the bakery area wherein information as well as the background and the evolution of bakery product arouses customers’ curiosity and lead them to make the best choice. The most outstanding innovation is at the delicacy area: Cean like to call it ‘life-style consultation’ since it profoundly changes the way to exploit shop assistants’ working method in this area. In the future they will act as consultants giving suggestions about recipes, food and nutrition. Today, Cean Lab is Cean most significant ‘lieu’ for sharing ideas, values and projects so as to make them come true together with our clients.

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