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Tandem finances your projects: discover how:

Feasibility analysis

Starting from the evaluation of the location on to the analysis and check of all technical and sales procedures

- Analysis of the potential sales strength

- Technical and operational feasibility analysis

- Analysis of local and city operating procedures and of commercial authorization documents

- Management of the relationship with institutions and departments so as to achieve technical and administrative authorization documents

Calculations and quotations on works, systems, equipment and devices

Analyse properly your quotation!
While comparing your quotation, make sure that 'the overall sum' corresponds to the sum of the same product quantity, the same quality plus all services.

Design and engineering

Starting from concept analysis on to the lay-out and to custom-made furniture

- In-depth analysis of commercial trends

- Conceiving new design concepts and design development

- Architectural engineering

- Blueprints and layout of the sales area

- System engineering

- Lighting engineering

- 3D visualization and virtual tour

- Custom-made furniture design


Uninterrupted research allows us to design and engineer the newest solutions technical know-how strengthens sales
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To each retail store a special lighting system

Light improves and enhances product display thus positively influencing sales
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Brand and Communication

Starting from the logo idea on to the application of a visual identity system

- Brand identity: restyling design of the brand

- Coordinated image

- Communication strategy

- Promotion

To be sober and yet to be noticeable. We support our clients to promote and enhance their brand distinctive features and we develop them within each aspect of visual identity.


Starting from the development of software applications on to web management
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- Research and development of new technologies

- Digital strategies

- Websites

- Applications for retail sector

Construction works coordination

Starting from the management of all procedures on to the opening of the retail store
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- Management of bureaucracy procedures

- Check and control of the Safety Plan and of the eligibility of all contractors

- Drafting of work time schedule

- Co-ordinating all work phases

- Supervision of the construction site and co-ordination of all suppliers

- Delivery of the retail store

Complete realization

Complete realisation of works, systems and equipment

- Execution of construction works and alike

- Realisation of all systems

- Supply and assembly of all equipment

- Technical check and final test

- Assistance and maintenance

Complete realization

Renovation: starting from space enlargement on to the restyling of the retail store
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- Technical and commercial survey

- Evaluation of existing retail store space and equipment

-Blueprint and project report regarding the state-of-the-art of the retail store space

- Technical and commercial analysis aiming to the development of the retail store

- Renovation and restyling proposal wherein all interventions are listed and quoted

- Financing proposals for retail store renovation and restyling

Supply of equipment and furniture

Starting from each single equipment supply on to the complete installation within the retail store space
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- Drafting of quotations up on request

- Space lay-out and equipment lay-out

- Transportation and monitoring

- Assistance and maintenance

Supply of equipment and furniture

The turning point from where operation services start

- Loading and unloading goods

- Check on materials

- Sorting out materials

-Equipment storage

Assistance and Maintenance

Starting from the the first presence to the programmed maintenance service

- Ordinary maintenance programme

- Extra ordinary maintenance programme

- Assistance upon phone call

- Availability

Search for suitable locations

Starting from the identification of a suitable location on to the drafting of the rental contract

- Identification of a suitable location

- Consultancy activity aiming to the drafting of the lease

- Hire purchase on a company

- Check on regulations

- Economic sustainability

Education and training on-the-job

Starting from education to be developed at Academy Market on to simulation cases to be performed at the point of sale
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- Training courses and refresher training

- Educational training courses to be held at the point of sale

- Education planning regarding shop signs

- Meetings and symposia

- Events

Tandem finances your projects

New horizons for our clients

Tandem is the result of the agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group and Cean aiming to release medium-term financing on projects of new store openings and on point of sale renovation and upgrading projects.


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Anybody who has a commercial activity

Implementing rules

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Amount: up to 100% of the price, VAT included of goods and/or services sold by Cean to one of its client

Time duration: from 24 up to 60 months

Reimbursement: monthlyinstalments


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All over Italy with the following banks belonging to the banking group:

  • - Banca Cr Firenze Spa
  • - Banca di Napoli Spa
  • - Banca Prossima Spa
  • - Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì e della Romagna Spa
  • - Cassa di risparmio del Friuli Venezia Giulia Spa
  • - Cassa di risparmio del Veneto Spa
  • - Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna Spa
  • - Cassa di risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia Spa
  • - Cassa di risparmio dell'Umbria Spa