Cean | Progettiamo e realizziamo punti vendita e supermercati


Borello Supermercati

Research and feasibility analysis
Identification of a suitable location
Architectural project
Corporate image
Complete implementation
Digital strategies
Marketing and communication
Educational and training

Taking into account the client’s requirements, Cean conceived, designed and engineered a new proximity market format whose peculiar features are flexibility of the model, easiness of the shopping experience and replicability to be applied on to the different areas of the store

Cean conceived the concept by exploiting a 360-degree project method: from the identification of the best location on to the realization of the store to the detailed analysis on corporate image as well as to the creation and development of digital strategy elements all the way to human resource educational and training courses

The added value of such approach can be acknowledged in the overall project vision and in the translation of the identity values of the client repeated on each single element of the project




The choice of Cean to enhance the entrepreneur’s 40 years of experience in food sector sales is enshrined in one very special identity element: his signature. From this assumption, the idea to propose a new signboard came to life thus unmistakably expressing his personality. During his 40 years of activity, trust, tradition and soberness have been Borello key values service ensured to customers every day in his stores. These values are important to customers

Patterns, frames and illustrations

Illustrations that resemble the cross stitch

Hand-painted images with brand colors

Borello font based on flush-threaded letters

Patterns decorative on different media

Ambitions that recall the tradition